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A Foundation employing a DAO-like structure to establish and own a global network of community banks.

Important Disclaimer: Please do not take any information on this website to indicate that Valhalla Network or any of its subsidiaries is yet authorised, or as an invitation or inducement to apply to Valhalla Network or any of its subsidiaries for any banking services or products.


It is our intention that Valhalla Network banks will serve as centres for sustainable economic growth and to support the local community. The focus for credit creation will be local small & medium sized enterprises, with lending being ethical and community minded. Each bank will strive to fund local social and charitable initiatives as part of its mission.

Valhalla Network token holders will participate in the governance of the Foundation by submitting and voting on proposals to steer Valhalla Network forward.


• To enhance credit availability to small and medium sized businesses.
• To help re-localise banking through small, locally focused banks.
• To meaningfully support communities and businesses.
• To increase the quality of financial education.
• To launch positive impact entities to fund and support local social initiatives.
• To democratise finance and the people's access to working capital.


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