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Valhalla Spaces #2

Valhalla Spaces #1


European Web3 Summit
Brussels - May 2023


In the light of the release of the The Markets in Crypto-Assets (“MiCA”) which marks the beginning of a new era for the regulation of crypto-assets within the EU, we attended the European Web3 Summit in Brussels.

Amongst many people we met, we were able to speak with an EU representative working on the regulations as well as prominent lobbyist who represents the interests of  web3 and crypto companies. 

Istanbul Fintech Week
Apr 2023


In April, we attended Istanbul Fintech Week,  where Oliver was invited to present on the subject of “Bridging the gap between traditional banking and Defi” - video below.


The event seeks to foster innovation in the financial services industry in the region by bringing together experts and thought leaders from around the world.

Istanbul Charity Event


As part of IFW, we hosted a charity event for the victims of the earthquakes which happened in Turkey just a few weeks before.

Our great friend Shafeeq Qureshi from The Crypto Hub arranged it all in just a few days ,  so a big shout out to him.


We had a full house with speakers and attendees from IFW and raised over £2,400.

The video below features film from the main event along with our charity evening.

Founder's Q1 Update

Valhalla Network has had a productive first quarter attending various events, invitations to speak, and making significant progress on our Phase 1 banking application. At the start of the year, I was personally invited to speak on decentralised finance at the UK House of Lords, speaking with Baroness Uddin on the importance of community banks to work with and give back to their local communities.

Our view of regulators is different to many working in the defi space, we understand the importance of them and the necessity to work closely with the regulators on our legal structure, tokenomics, and the overall mission. Contrary to web3, the banking sector is the most regulated and it would be foolhardy to attempt to circumvent the regulators in the hope of saving time.


To support us in establishing the Valhalla Network Foundation and eventually executing our token generation event, we have partnered with highly experienced legal counsel in Liechtenstein who is well versed with working closely with the banking regulators and evaluating the feasibility of token economies. Primarily they will support us on two fronts: Establishing Valhalla Network Foundation with the clear governance structure, and supporting our banking team in finalising application documents to lodge with the regulator. To date, we have already prepared all preliminary application documents to submit to the regulator.


I’m also happy to announce that Audie Sheridan has replaced Roman Rogers as our CTO. Audie has over 40 years of technical development experience, 10 of which managing larger development teams, and will focus on implementing and building the technical solution designed last year. We have completed our Q1 milestones and have brought forward Q3 milestones to Q2. More information will be shared in our Q1 investor report.


The whitepaper is being revamped to allow for easier reading, clearer tokenomics, and a more accurate timeline to get us to TGE. This along with our new logo will be released and shared with you at the end of April. I look forward to sharing our Q1 report with our investors next week.


Best wishes



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